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Fullcar Services
Médecins sans Frontières
photo Slim.png

Slim Daghar

Responsable événementiel de Chauffeur&Go

Thierry a rejoint Chauffeur&Go comme CEO avec pour mission de restructurer l'entreprise et de la relancer.

Il a réussi à redresser la situation de l'entreprise avec sang froid et professionnalisme dans un environnement interne et externe très complexe.

Thierry est un dirigeant souriant, positif et dynamique.

photo B Mancel Bize.jpg

Bertrand Mancel Bize

Président de Feedback / Fullcar Services

Thierry a réalisé la transformation du modèle de Fullcar Services. Nous sommes passés d'une structure classique avec des convoyeurs salariés à une structure agile avec des convoyeurs indépendants.

Il a très bien relevé ce défi qui était à la fois social, juridique, informatique, économique, commercial et au global stratégique pour nous.

Stobdan rectangle.png

Stobdan Kalon

Chef de Mission chez Médecins sans Frontières

Thierry is a thorough professional! I worked with Thierry in Armenia all the year 2010 on a MSF mission where I was Head of Mission and he was the Finance and Human Resources Coordinator for the MSF operations in the country. It was great to have Thierry as part of the team as he brought in high level of professionalism that reflected in the quality of his work. He was meticulous and detailed oriented, and tasks were always executed to meet deadlines. I was impressed by many of Thierry's qualities, particularly team spirit, sense of responsibilities, complete autonomy, motivation, maturity and compassion. His work was highly appreciated by the team and he gained respect of his colleagues for his professional and personal qualities. I am impressed but not surprised that subsequently Thierry went to work in many senior positions in different kind of jobs. I would strongly recommend him for any position and am very confident that he will be an asset for any organisation or company he will work for.

Me contacter

Téléphone > 06 10 11 54 61

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